While traveling through Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, in 2015, I was asked to describe the person I pictured myself to be in my 80s, if I were to live that long. As I described that woman, this future me, she began to surprise the current me.

Rather than a poet, she was a painter. Rather than a writer, she was an artist. And she played the piano and invited younger women over for tea.

She still wrote letters to her daughters, she still sought to pass on story and wisdom and sacrament to the generations of women who followed her.

But she spent her free time creating beauty.


I realized that to become that woman, I needed to start now. I needed to not be afraid of calling myself an “artist.” And I need to be making art.

So I started. Here are some photos of my early work. (I often show photos of my current projects on Instagram @thissacramentallife, so hop over there if you’re interested in seeing what I’m working on.)

And now I guess I need to take some piano lessons.

But in the meantime, you can download free printable PDFs of some of my digital prints over on the Sharing & Freebies page.