You can find me on Instagram @thissacramentallife trying to document a little bit of grace in the mundane chaos that is raising small children.

My search for the sacred runs deep. In looking over the myriad essays, articles, and interviews I’ve published over the last ten years, it appears that the sacramental life is a theme I can’t get away from–even when the surface-level topics seem unconnected. From meditations on intergenerational friendship and growing older (“A Simple Prayer”) to what I’ve learned from getting dirty alongside friends in a community garden (in “Allelon Community Garden”); from the way my husband and I work to offer hospitality to guests in our old house (“In This Old House”) to anti-human trafficking initiatives and pioneering work by a MacArthur Fellow to revolutionize hydrocephalus treatments in Uganda: it’s all about sacrament if you look closely enough.

Heck, even in my interview with Linford Detweiler of the internationally known Over the Rhine, I brought up the sacramental imagination in their music. (You can read that interview here in GENERATE magazine under the title “Twenty Years In” and on the Christianity Today website as “Music for the Big Moments.”)

My first blog was Texas Schmexas, where I wrote for years about my search for community and the conviction I felt to grow roots where I’d been planted, even when the soil was rocky. It was the early signs of my hunt for a sacramental life.

Here on this site, with Letters to My Daughters, I share thoughts, memories, wisdom, and convictions I’ve woven together to  pass on to my young daughters, both under the age of five. (You can jump to the first one here.)

My first book, a compilation of the first fifty letters, is available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

And We Live Here: More Letters to My Daughters–numbers 51 to 100–is now available on Amazon here.

I certainly see the act of writing–especially of writing for my daughters–as a sacramental act.


That said, if you’re looking for someone to do a project, write a guest blog post, review a book, or just want to bounce some ideas off of me, I’d be happy to talk with you about it. Fill out the contact form on my About page.